VW GOLF 7 R TTE525R Turbocharger – REVS & DRAG RACING!

This video features an amazing fast Volkswagen Golf 7 R tuned by The Turbo Engineers participated in this years SCC500’s event ‘Rolling50 Deutsche Meisterschaft’ on Black Forest Airport in Lahr, Germany. This event is all about dragracing. 1000m, a rolling start at 50km/h and insane cars!

The VW Golf 7R has a TTE525R Turbocharger with Wagner intercooler, R600 air intake, Forge bov, 88mm Downpipe, THT Performance ECU and gearbox software. HP Drivetech airride with accuair elevel and MB KV1 wheels! It has 2.0-liter inline-four cilinder engine that produce now 486HP / 600Nm!

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