Oettinger Golf 7 R500: THE SUPERHATCH

Something extremely rare and unique living in South Africa. A small compact super car, or should I say hatch that can challenge any super car at any time.

The Golf 7R platform has been the closest thing that VW has done in a long time, since the iconic Golf 1 GTI, this is because they have gone back to the idea of why GTI is GTI and not try sugar coat it with anything fancy or something that has to compete with other markets in the industry. The platform has come a long way and having all the potential to grow even better, Oettinger, the small and highly successful company in Germany, think they have nailed it.

Oettinger have designed a full house kit for the New Gen VW Golf 7 GTI as well as Golf 7R. This package is complete with a full body kit, as well as engine upgrade to stage 4+, race spec motor build.

The Kit was put together in South Africa by Oettinger Branch South Africa. and sold from VW Edenvale, by Justin Naidoo, with only 650km on the clock, this car has barely been run in, let alone raced at any level.

I have been waiting 3 months to be able to shoot this car and finally the day came, I even got to Shoot with the Mavic Pro drone and test out the Tripod Feature.

A special thanks:

to Wayne for letting me shoot his amazing Golf 7 R500 and taking the time to let me really dive deep into the world of the world best VW performance tuner company. Was a real treat.

to Justin at VW Edenvale for letting me interview him and ask all the questions about the process in which he went through to get this build complete.

to Ross from Oettinger South Africa, and letting me know all about the brand, what has been done to the car and what is capable with a reliable modification and how to decipher a poor market from a world class one.

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